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DISKO Solutions GmbH

DISKO Solutions GmbH was established in 1990 under the name NBS by Maria Nutz and Alexander Krknjak.

1991 NBS enters into a contact with DISKO to be the chief agency of DISKO computer cleaning products in Austria.

Today, DISKO Solutions GmbH is the main location of the internationally active  DISKO-Group.


Our mission is to offer products which enable our customers to achieve maximum cost efficiency through extensive availability of their electronic equipment.

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1994 NBS launched the first self-engineered product on the market. It was a cleaning foil for cleaning the money-transfer-scanners of KEBA Inc. After that, many other brilliant inventions of technical cleaning accessories for cleaning bank note acceptors, scanners, pass book printers, etc. have been launched on the market as well.

In 1995 the development of the cleaning cards for chip contacts in chip-card readers began and in 1996 the first fully functional prototype was finished and applied for patent. After that many own products have been exported worldwide.

2004 – Integration in the DISKO-Group. All NBS products were integrated into the DISKO product assortment and have been offered under the brand name DISKO since then.

2015 – Installation of an ultramodern pouch machine for manufacturing of single packed moistened cloths and registration of the trade mark screen!x (

2020 - Registration and start of production of our hand and surface disinfectant wipes. With our Disko Alcohol cleaning pads and the Screen! X "Desinfect" line, we have been producing and selling a wide variety of options for hand and surface disinfection ever since.


The unique technology of our products enables a multiplicative usability as well as a cost-efficient application.



DISKO – cleaning products are gentle to the skin and environmentally friendly. They contain effective orange peel oil or absolutely no chemical solvent.

DISKO – cleaning cards are particularly comfortable in use and high-effective in cleaning.



All DISKO high-quality products work preventive, antistatic and antibacterial. They seal and protect the cleaning surfaces. The cleaning products are in accordance with REACH – Regulation EC No 1907/2006.

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We offer highest quality at affordable price


If our wide product range is not able to solve your personal cleaning problem, then we surely will find an appropriate solution with your assistance.


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